Multiple USB-connected Teensy boards


First - thank you VM folks for a great, great tool.
Second- here is a configuration I use a lot that does work fine:
Four Teensy 3's (T3's), a mix of version 3.0 and 3.1 hardware (memory size differs)
Windows 7, AStudio 6.1
Visual Micro, latest non-beta
Four T3's connected to same USB hub. Hub connected to PC USB port.
Open four terminal windows (paned) each on one of the T3's.
Compile, choose the CPU (T3.0 vs. T3.1), choose serial port, download.
Works great. Four running at once. (Why? They each have a wireless data radio and are networked. Using USB for test/debug).

What doesn't work right:
Unplug some T3's. Compile. Download.
Whether VM is at fault or the interface to the downloader or whatever... the problem is most often the IDE compiles then tells the T3 downloader to use the wrong .hex file or some such. The end result is a pop-up (hidden in the window pile) says wrong CPU for the one being used to download. As if the GUI's choice for CPU type and serial port are overridden by the most recently plugged-in T3.
Happens with 2.

All is well as long as I don't unplug any T3. And as long as none of the crash with my bad code such that the USB serial link doesn't work.

This aside. I love the multiple terminal windows open simultaneously and that they automatically reconnect after a routine download/reboot.